A chair that embodies the act of selflessness through use.


In our modern tech-driven society, often times we forget to be considerate to each other.
±one is a piece that attempts to remind us.


Looking into ways how furniture could change our behavior, I was drawn to how deeply the Japanese embraced hospitality in their culture. 'omotenashi' translates to 'without superficiality' -- a genuine way of how a host would treat their guests in any given environment.

One of the most common phrases we use as hosts is 'make yourself at home'. Although a seemingly hospitable phrase, it nearly eliminates the service dynamic of the host. It casually puts guests at ease while encouraging them to serve themselves. With ±one, I wanted to create a piece that would enable and encourage selflessness through use.

Selfless Hospitality

Upon exploring different ways to embody selflessness, I arrived at a concept where one would give up his own comfort to accommodate his guest. This idea then blossomed with the help of inspirations drawn from tatami rooms and furniture.

While learning several new shop techniques along the way, I was able to build a full-scale prototype. The bent seat pan was achieved with layered baltic birch veneer pressed into a hand-cut mold. For the metal base, I bent 0.5" thick stainless steel rod and MIG welded plates that were then attached to the seat pan.

Seating Theory and Tectonics, Instructor: Chris Hardy

Fall 2013, Georgia Institute of Technology