Darts to highlight your life.


Prisma is a 3D-printed throwing dart assembled with everyday office items.


Determined to design a fun product to be manufactured and sold online, I looked into the one environment where 'fun' is not typically associated with -- the office.

After making the correlation between a pushpin and the tip of a throwing dart... *insert lightbulb here*

New way, old thing.

DIY throwing darts are not a new phenomenon, however they're a hassle to make and sometimes inconsistent in performance. I mocked up several paper models testing the feasibility of the pushpin as well as irregular flight shapes and was happy to find that it's possible to make an awesome dart.

Pushing my initial ideas onto paper, I started to think of possible secondary uses of the dart within the context of its office environment. Fun and interesting forms surfaced when thinking about the advantages of additive manufacturing processes.

On to the next.

Fleshing out my sketch ideas and exploring more in 3D, I began printing and testing playing with prototypes to quickly improve upon the previous iteration. Every prototype provided valuable information* on ways to improve the next model. Overall, my design challenges were to cleverly reduce material and optimize the pushpin snap feature.

*hover on images for detail.

Leveraging 3-D Printing

One of the advantages of additive manufacturing is that I was able to subtract an inner chamber from the dart's form to improve weight balance and decrease material volume while maintaining its structural integrity.

Putting it all together.

Keeping assembly simple, I formed the flights out of sticky-notes; a readily available material in an office environment. After making the final material reduction of the body, the pushpin snap flaps became much more flexible and allowed for quick snap assembly.

No Board(er)s

One advantage of using pushpin darts is that they're not confined to any predefined dartboards. This adds another aspect to the DIY element of the product and encourages the user to make their own (potentially) irregular boards.

When not being thrown across office cubicles, Prisma plays nicely with your everyday stationery while providing an extra mode of reminders.

Digital Ecosystem

Prisma can be purchased directly online through shapeways, a digital manufacturing company that specializes in 3-D printing. Users will have then have the option to access digital content such as flight folding techniques, board templates, and other materials through this webpage*.

*Coming Soon!

Click here to purchase Prisma!

Prisma also received a small amount of press from Core77, and Gizmodo!

Fall 2015, Georgia Institute of Technology