A collection of additional works.

Fall 2013
Georgia Institute of Technology
Emotionally and physically inspired by Japanese tatami-style furniture, Plusminusone (±one) is a chair that embodies and addresses the act of selflessness through function. At its core, it acts as a comfortable chair for one. The idea is that when you are entertaining a guest, comfort is sacrificed for hospitality - the chair splits into two seats and a center table.

Georgia Institute of Technology 

2015 International Design Excellence Award Finalist

In collaboration with good friends Joshua Dycus and Courtney Gruber.
Shibusa is a hassle-free commuting solution for getting to and from work while maintaining the ability of enjoying bike-riding in other recreational situations. Offering the benefit of a capable electric-assist bicycle, Shibusa maintains the spirit of a human-powered bike when the necessary components are swapped out. Modular componentry that is both upgradeable and interchangeable means that personal appeal and possibilities far surpass that of current bicycles on the market.

Fall 2015
Georgia Institute of Technology 

Available via Shapeways
Prisma is a 3D-printed throwing dart assembled with everyday office items. Using a standard plastic pushpin as the head and folded sticky notes as flights, Prisma puts a little fun into your everyday office routine. To take advantage of the additive manufacturing process, Prisma utilizes a hollow inner chamber to improve weight balance and decrease material volume while maintaining its structural integrity.