water conservation made beautiful.

Spring 2017 
Designed at Matter
Engineered by Mindtribe

Well is a home water conservation system that teaches people how to use their water more efficiently. Through seamless integration of hardware and software, Well collects accurate data and informs users about the realities of water consumption in their home.


Consisting of self powered sensors and smart fixtures, Well products are in-line with standard pipe and thread sizes to ensure a frustration-free installation experience right from the start.

As one of the highest water consumption offenders at home, we've decided to target the shower as the first smart fixture to design. It is also a fixture that we tend to interface most with at home, giving a better opportunity to leverage behavioral change at the point of interaction.


A magnetic, domed mount allows the shower head to be freely adjusted to any desired angle of spray with effortless movements of the handle. The shower head can then be removed and be used as a shower wand.


As part of Well's on-boarding process, the user receives a recommended water usage quota depending on their provided household size, location, and number of fixtures. Usage is then tracked through the connected sensors and shower head to inform the user of their current status.

As the user's quota reaches low levels, the in-app landscape gradually changes from a beautiful, oceanic environment into a hot, arid desert environment. This visual metaphor allows for immediate comprehension of where a user is within their daily quota. A deeper dive into the app allows the user to identify where in their home is the largest water waster, so that they can change their habits accordingly.


Well started as a concept project between San Francisco-based industrial design firm Matter and engineering firm Mindtribe. However, it has since evolved into a proof of concept phase with a functional prototype demonstrating all of our proposed physical and digital opportunities.

This project allowed me to collaborate with engineers at Mindtribe quite extensively, which gave me a solid understanding of working around constraints and limitations in real-time. I was very fortunate to be immersed into this process as my first project at Matter. Well was recognized as a 2017 finalist for both IDEA and Fast Company's Innovation by Design Awards in multiple categories.