noun studio

a space dedicated to let experiences take form.

2017 - ongoing 
Personal Project

In 2017, I wanted to re-evaluate my personal drive to design. I’ve always had a desire to better everyday living through my work, but I wanted to form a tangible reason of why I design.

It all started with the term experience design, which I’ve come to realize that every designer tends to accept it in their respective discipline. I, too have claimed it as my own as well, but never thought twice about it until now.

What makes up an experience? Something happens, and we react. But what is that something, and who reacts? Is it a who, or a what? I’ve realized that it all leads to connections. Connections made between people, objects, and environments. (Hence the name, noun) I wanted an opportunity to study these connections and use them as narratives in my work. Which is why I started noun studio, where I will focus my personal projects to showcase my thinking and validation in design. 

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The ADAPT collection features adaptive object-to-object relationships.
A dominant 'outside' object causes another object to conform to its nature.


An incense holder with a slotted steel ring base and a removable ash tray lid that keeps a stick of incense angled and in place.


An omnidirectional bottle opener derived from a hollow cylinder adapting to key touch points of removing a bottle top..


The sauce dish and utensil rest juxtaposes the strength of a solid object such as concrete with the influence and fluidity of liquid.


The PLAY collection features objects that encourage interaction.
Functions and perceptions change with the human touch.


A desk fan designed for Creative Session's challenge #blowingwithcs - bent aluminum frame with removable USB powered foam-bladed fan. Unit can be placed in two different orientations to achieve an upward or downward breeze.